quinta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2010

Aphorism of the day

"One does not learn how to run before learning how to walk. Furthermore, he does not learn how to walk before learning how to crawl."

quinta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2010

Mock test =D

Hey guys! How are you? Yeah, its been a long time that I don't write anything here =P
Probably you haven't received your mocks yet, but I had the chance of getting mine before, since I met Henrick yesterday =D
When I left the test I thought I had a horrible performance, mainly because of Use of English, which was still a disaster dispite the little improvement I had. I'm really happy about it, for several reasons.
First, because I shows I'm really improving, and this is a reflex of the classes, and of my own studying at home (Yeah, I'm really studying for this =D). Second, because, in the beginning, I was really nervous about taking the tests this year, but I was starting to feel a little more confident, and the mock showed me that this confidence is a reflex of real improvement, not of just an impression I had.

How about you? How are you feeling about the exam? What about your mock results? What do they show to you?

See ya, guys!

segunda-feira, 18 de outubro de 2010

New (or not) Song

Hey guys, this is the second post I make this week, even though I should be studying hahaha
But this one was an idea that I had while studying, so I decided to post it. I always say that when I'm sudying I put some music on, talk in the msn and look for some stuff in the orkut, right? Well, This song here is one of my favorite songs to listen while I'm studying. It's a little long, but definitily worth waiting ^^

So, here it is: April - Deep Purple

domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

Chapter Two - The proposal

Hey Guys! How are you? Well as promised, I came up with a new post on my "book". This second chapter is a little bigger than the first one, but I had to many things to explain. If you read the last post and wanted lots of answers, I must warn you, there are only a few of them in this chapter. I'm willing to give just a few in each chapter, so that the story doesn't lose the mistery =D

I hope you like it, because I'm really excited about writing this project.


Chapter Two – The proposal

- So you are saying that I’m a lizard?

- No, not a lizard, a wizard! – Said the stranger in a laughing voice.

The principal’s office was now crowded, since it was just a small room and there were three people and a noisy raccoon inside it. The stranger was tall but thin. He wore round glasses and looked like a young university teacher. He was wearing a dark brown blazer in spite of the heat. Mr. Daniel Holton was quite and shut. He was still trying to understand how that guy knew about the boy and the raccoon, and where he came from.

- By the reaction of you principal I would say that you are the first wizard appearance in this school, and by virtue of that this institution probably isn’t prepared to any of your wizard issues.

- What do you mean by that? My school is prepared to anything! – Said Mr. Holton, finally getting out of his long trance.

- Oh, really? And what do you intend to do in relation to this raccoon and to this boy?

- I… I… I… - Stammered the principal

- That’s what I thought.

At this point Willian started to feel ignored in the conversation and decided to take some more action.

- I’m sorry but it’s me you are talking about, and I’m not being consulted. By the way, we don’t even know your name Mr…

- Oh, I’m sorry. Where are my manners! I’m Boltstare. Professor Henrick Boltstare.

- So Professor Boltstare. Are you trying to say that what happened here was magic?

- Yes, this is indeed what I’m trying to say.

- And that I did it because I’m a… What’s the name again?

- Wizard.

- Right… a wizard. And you are quite versed in wizardry, aren’t you?

- I wouldn’t say I’m versed, but, yeah, I know a little bit about it.

- So, what do you suggest? I mean, we still have a raccoon here and I have no idea of what to do…

- There’s something worse. Maybe you haven’t thought of that yet, but I imagine you have no idea of how did you do it, do you?

- Actually, now that you mentioned it, I don’t! I just thought he wouldn’t feel so empowered if he had a raccoon face and it happened…

- Well, that’s how it usually starts. The problem is that if you don’t learn how to control it, it’ll keep happening more and more often.

- What leads us to my question… What do we do now?

- Well, that’s a big issue… The best option is for you to move to another school. As I said, this institution isn’t prepared to deal with this kind of situation. We’re gonna have to explain this to your parents, turn the raccoon back into a teacher, deal with the transfer, and finally decide what to do in relation to Mr. Holton…

- In relation to me? Wha… What do you mean?

- Well… there is a reason why you usually don’t see people talking about wizards all around… We kind of like keeping our existence a secret. But that’s not the most important thing right now. Willian, would you like to be instructed in magic, even though this means you are going to leave your school, your friends and your previous life?

At this moment, you, reader, might think Willian will have lots of doubts before answering this question, but for you to understand his quick acceptation of the facts you got to understand his life.

Willian was a regular boy who chose not being popular. This way he wouldn’t have lots of friends, but he would be sure that all his friends were true friends. Unfortunately his tactic didn’t work really well. He was feeling let aside by his best friends and didn’t know how to deal with it. As if this wasn’t enough, he had no great skills and the teachers didn’t like him. His parents were always comparing him with the rest of the family, which made him feel he was inferior. Then, all of a sudden he discovered he had magical powers, turned the teacher he most hated into a raccoon and was given the opportunity to restart all his life. Ain’t that a kid’s dream? Why in the world would he say no to the very first good gift he has ever received?

For all those reasons Willian eagerly answered positively the proposal that was being made to him.



segunda-feira, 11 de outubro de 2010

New project - Project school (New book)

Hello guys! Long time no see! It's been quite a time that I don't post anything, don't you think?

Well today's post is a new experience for me. I might say it is an innovative project in my life.
I had already told you tha during my free time I'm a writter... What you will (or won't) read here is a new book I decided to write. For some obscure and misterious reason I have decided to write it in english, so I'm going to post here, weekly I hope, the chapters I write. What do you think?

Well, first let me tell you how this "book" came to my wierd mind. I received, recently, the news about the new Harry Potter movie. This made me think of how important Harry Potter was to me. It was one of the first real books I have read, it was one of the best, and undoubtedly the most inspiring. I allways say that I write because I wanted to cause on someone, the same effect that J. K. Rowlling caused on me. Well, after that I realised I have never seem any other book in the same style as hers. One think led to the other, and I started thinking of this project. The rest is all about my creative proccess and reading about it might be a little dull to you, so I'm gonna skip it.

Finally I had some nice ideas of how to put those thoughts on the paper, and here it is. First chapter, and hopefully there will be a lot more!

Chapter One – The Raccoon

The weather was hot and dry, the sky was clean and with no clouds. The Sun was vigorously shining. This could be called a regular day in the life of a children who was born in Brasília, Brazil’s capital, but it seemed that this statement couldn’t be applied to a 13 years old boy.

Willian was standing astonished in front of a gobsmacked Mr. Holton, the principal of a regular school. Five minutes before, Willian, after an unfair discussion about his behavior, had transformed his geography teacher into a raccoon in front of the principal’s eyes. Unfortunately, this happened to be the first magic performed by him, and being so, he and Daniel Holton found themselves in a loss of words.

After a few minutes, but still a little disoriented, the principal decided to put Ricardo, the former geography teacher and the recently transformed raccoon, inside a small cage.

- Do you have anything to say? – asked Mr. Holton

- Actually, I have… This is the first time I’ve seem a raccoon. I mean, live.

- Do you think this is a joke?! – the principal replied ferociously

- I do not sir… I was just trying to break the ice. Believe it or not, I’m just as surprised as you. I mean, this has never happened before, and even though Mr. Ricardo was, with all the respect, an asshole, I didn’t have the intention to do this. Whatever this is.

- Well, we gotta do something about it. About Ricardo, and about you mainly…

Barely had Mr. Holton said those words, his secretary knocked the door anxiously.

- Can’t you tell I’m busy Fernanda?

- I’m sorry sir… - she felt embarrassed, but the man behind her was really threatening and he was determined to get his message to Daniel Holton immediately – There is this man who wants to talk to you…

- Tell him to wait and I’ll talk to him after I deal with this…. Situation here… - Said the principal trying to make the best choice of words.

- He is saying he knows about your situation and has a solution for both of your problems… The one with the boy and the one with the… Raccoon?

Hope you like it... See ya,

PS: I haven't corrected it yet, so if there are lots of mistakes, forgive me (telling me would be a great idea), and enjoy the reading...

domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

Lord of the rings - Blind Guardian

Today I wanted to post a song that I really like. It's about the movie, Lord of The Rings. I think watching that video of Star Wars that henrick showed us made me want to hear this song a few more times during this weekend =D

So, enough talking, here is the video:

I know the video doesn't fit perfectly the song, but I'm just not in the mood to look for a better one =P

See ya!